Lola T70 History – Photos – Records

About the Lola T70

In 1965 the immortal Lola T70 sports-racing car was introduced by Lola Cars’ creator and mastermind Eric Broadley. Its Specialized Moldings -produced fiberglass bodywork was so exquisitely well-proportioned – and (by the standards of the time) aerodynamically effective – that the T70 was widely acclaimed as being the most beautiful sports-racing car ever created. In essence, if the Aston Martin DBR1 was as gorgeous a front-engined shape as British constructors have ever produced, then the Lola T70 must take the corresponding rear-engined prize.

The T70 was produced to compete in the International Group 7 class of ‘anything goes’ so-called’ big-banger’ sports car competition. In effect this was Mr Broadley’s gesture of liberation from the strait-jacket of Ford Advanced Vehicles and the steel monocoque Ford GT program to which he had been contracted through 1963-64. There he had argued long and hard for the Ford GT to employ a largely aluminum paneled lightweight monocoque chassis, but aluminum was not a then a material of structural appeal to the masters of America’s mass-production motor industry.

From 1965 forward aluminum hulled sports and GT production would follow the Lola T70 lead.

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