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Lola T70 MkI Chassis SL70/2

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Chassis: SL70/2
Engine: Ford 4.7 => Chevrolet 5.9
Owners: Ian Yates (Harold Young Racing) => Monte Shelton (1966) => Eric Anderson (1968) => Bob Erickson (1999~2011)

Color: blue.


Lola MK1 T70 Spyder. The second Lola Mk1 T70 Spyder built, delivered new to Ian Yates of Long Melford (Harold Young Racing) on March 20th 1965, for David Hobbs to drive.

Hobbs raced SL70/2 successfully throughout the 1965 season in international races at Goodwood, Oulton Park, Mallory & Brands Hatch, before then shipping it to the USA to race at Mosport and Riverside in CanAm.

The car then remained in the US and was sold to well-known US racer, Monte Shelton, who continued to race SL70/2 in SCCA National and CanAm races during 1966.

Between 1967 and 2001 the car remained in the USA, passing between just two further owners, before returning finally to the UK to be fully rebuilt and prepared by Simon Hadfield and fitted with a Tim Adams built engine. More recently maintained by Pearson Engineering.

Subsequently, the car has proved to be the most competitive and successful T70 Spyder of all, notably winning the Whitsun Trophy race at Goodwood twice and achieving fastest lap of the meeting there in 2007 with a 1:20.784. Description from were this car is/was listed for sale

Lola T70 MkI Chassis SL70/2 Race Records:

Date Chassis No. Race Drivers Entrant/Team Result
3/20/1965 #SL70/2 2 Senior Service Silverstone David Hobbs Harold Young Ltd. DNF
4/19/1965 #SL70/2 32 Lavant Cup Goodwood David Hobbs Harold Young Ltd. 3rd
5/1/1965 #SL70/2 2 Tourist Trophy Hobbs Harold Young Ltd. 2nd
5/15/1965 #SL70/2 31 Silverstone International David Hobbs David Fletcher raced
6/6/1965 #SL70/2 11 Guards Trophy Mallory Park David Hobbs Harold Young 1st
7/24/1965 #SL70/2 43 Martini Trophy Silverstone Richard Attwood Harold Young DNA
8/8/1965 #SL70/2 32 Guards SCC Brands Hatch [S David Hobbs Harold Young Ltd. DNA
8/15/1965 #SL70/2 47 Daily Mirror Croft David Hobbs H. Young Ltd. 1st
8/30/1965 #SL70/2 1 Guards Trophy Brands Hatc David Hobbs Harold Young Ltd. DNF
9/19/1965 #SL70/2 Player’s Mont-Tremblan David Hobbs Harold Young 3rd
9/25/1965 #SL70/2 3 GP Canada Mosport David Hobbs Harold Young Ltd. DNF
10/10/1965 #SL70/2 3 200 mile Kent David Hobbs Harold Young ?th
10/31/1965 #SL70/2 45 200 mile Riverside David Hobbs Harold Young DNF

All Lola T70 Chassis Race results for 1965All Lola T70 Chassis Race results for 1966


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Description from were this car is/was listed for sale

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Data verification: John Starkey’s book “Lola T70 The Racing History and Individual Chassis Record” 3rd edition.

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