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SL70/05 was one of three Ford based Mk.I cars. The car carries probably the longest documented history and was primarily based in South Africa with a lengthy documented race history – see History. Doug Serrurrier set the lap Sports record lap record in this car. The car was owned by Sterling Moss’s company for a period.

The car was raced in the Wall’s Ice cream livery with sign writing on the back said ‘Walls – Stop Me and Buy One’.

The car was known as the T70/140 as late in the SA history it was disassembled and the parts used for a T140 Formula A.  A host of parts including a complete original Mk.II body and various Formula A/5000 parts accompany the car. The car has its original set of Gurney Weslake heads to enable a suitable Ford 289 engine to be rebuilt as per the original motor or could be updated with a Chevy depending on the intended purpose.

Race Records

Date Chassis No. Race Drivers Entrant/Team Result
6/6/1965 #SL70/5 12 Guards Trophy Mallory Park David Cunningham Taylor & Crawley (Sussex) raced
7/10/1965 #SL70/5 16 GP Silverstone Roy Pierpoint Harold Young DNF
8/30/1965 #SL70/5 17 Guards Trophy Brands Hatc Roy Pierpoint D. R. Good DNF
11/6/1965 #SL70/5 4 9 h Kyalami Pierpoint / Serrurier D. R. Good DNF
11/28/1965 #SL70/5 GP Rhodesia Paul Hawkins 2nd
12/4/1965 #SL70/5 84 SA SCC Kyalami GP Paul Hawkins D. R. Good 1st Ist Place - Race Winner
12/27/1965 #SL70/5 1 3 h Roy Hesketh Paul Hawkins DNF
1/1/1966 #SL70/5 84 GP East London Paul Hawkins D. R. Good 3rd
1/1/1966 #SL70/5 84 East London [T/GT+1.6] Paul Hawkins D. R. Good DNA
1/8/1966 #SL70/5 84 Killarney Paul Hawkins Good Racing 3rd

Extended race history below from a for sale listing on [] listed below

July 12 Silverstone. Senioir Service 25 Laps. Pierpoint. DNF. Gear Selection problems.
August 30 Brands Hatch. Guards International Trophey. Ford 4.7-litre engine. Driven by Roy Pierpont. DNF.
November 8 South African 9 hours – entered by David Good and driven by Roy Pierpoint/Serrurier. After 6 hours, broke pushrod, dropped valve, broke piston.
Killarney. Cape International 3-hours. Paul Hawkins. Result unknown.
May Sold to Stirling Moss.
November Kyalami. 9th South African 9 hours: entered by Roy Pierpont and driven by Pierpoint/Serrurier. Race no 1. Led until 88 laps when pushrod broke again.
November Cape 3 hours at Killarney. 2nd OA. Pierpoint/Serrurier.
December 20 Lourenco Marques 3 hours. 1st. Serrurier/Pierpoint.
December 27 Dickie Kale 3 hours. Roy Hesketh Circuit, Pietermaritzburg. Pole position. 1m 16. Led at start, retired with suspension breakage after 65 laps. Sold to Doug Serrurier.
January 2 Kyalami Sportscar Race, 20 laps. 1st OA. Serrurier. First over 100mph lap.
January 7 Killarney Circuit. Capetwon, Serrurier. DNF, crashed at half distance due to front suspension failure when leading after rain fell. New sportscar lap record, 3 seconds faster that previous.
March 27 Roy Hesketh Circuit, Maritzburg. Serrurier. DNF (engine).
BulawayoGP. Withdrew from event.
Rhodesian GP Sports Car Race: rear suspension trailing arm broke when leading.
April 8 Killarney Circuit. Capetwon. 2nd in both heats. Serrurier.
July 9 Roy Hesketh Circuit, Pietermaritzburg. 2nd in 2 heats, 2nd OA. Serrurier.
October 7 Kyalami 12 laps. Led until oil pressure forced retirement. (Broken piston).
November 4 Kyalami 9 hours DNF due to piston failure.
November 18 Cape International, 3 hours, Killarney 3rd OA. Serrurier/Pretorious. Race no. 3.
Lourenco Marques 3 hours. Serrurier/Pretorious. DNF (overheating).
December 26 Roy Hesketh Circuit 3 hours. 1st OA. Serrurier/Pretorious.
November 9 Kyalami 9 hours. DNF: fractured oil pipe.
November 23 Killarney Capetwon. Crashed when brake pipe blew off at end of pit straight. Frontal damage.
December 8 Lourenco Marques. 3rd OA.
November 8 Kyalami 9 hours. Led from start the but had a pit fire. Damage slight but DNF.
December 27 Roy Heseth 3 hour. Left front suspension damaged in practice so DNF.
Piermaritzburg. 1st. Serrurier.
Serrurier then converted the car to a T140 using running gear, engine, gearbox, etc. This car known as T70/140.
T70/150 sold to Domingo Bros who sold to Peter Haller. He turned it into a dragster!  Never used. Conversion by Delport. Johan can der Merwe.
Was being rebuilt for Ivan Glasby in Australia.
Sold / swapped to Andy Culpin.
Restoration by owner David Harvey.


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