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This site is here because I was lucky enough to find this domain name available and being a Lover of the Lola T70 practically my entire life, I grabbed it.

What could be a better use for it then a succinct to the point collection of data, facts and photos of the Lola T70?

I grew up in Salinas California, 20 miles from Laguna Seca Race Way and I was at an age to become aware of cars in the late 1960’s. Because Salinas was so close to  Laguna Seca Race Way in Monterey Ca, a place where great cars like the Lola T70 and the Ford GT40 made their reputations, I was able to actually see some of these cars while I was very young, ether on the streets as road going versions or on trailers as race cars, I took notice and the love affair began.

My first clue as to what I had seen driving on the street on my little town was small model cars such as the Match box cars I found in the local store’s toy department. This was I was able to identify the cars I had seen.

When I was a child all of 4 ft tall and a Lola T70 or Ford GT40 passed by and the car was shorter then I was with that long swoopy shape I was taken aback, it was simply astounding to me. Our family cars were a giant ford station wagon and a 1968 mustang notchback, a Lola T70 or GT40 is about as different as possible compared to those cars. I can still remember every encounter, the street and the details sighting these cars. I was riding in my mom’s mustang and a dark blue GT40 drove along side, I looked down on it from the passenger side of my mom’s mustang, staring in disbelief as what I had as a tiny toy car was there beside us, full size in real life and so long and low. I asked what it was and my mom just said, it’s a RACING CAR, they are racing this week at Laguna Seca. The light changed and the GT40 roared away, I told my mom to catch up but it accelerated away and was quickly out of sight. I still remember all of these encounters even at my present age of 57.

From that time period forward, the LolaT70 an Ford GT40 became my 2 favorite cars. So, when I found this web site domain available and was able to register it, I was quite excited. The result is this website. I had let it sit for years and recently tried to find an actual owner of a Real Lola T70 to pass it on to but without much success. Turns out these are busy successful people and they realize full well how much work this site would be.

I am unqualified to publish this website except simply as a life long lover of these cars, and an experienced webmaster having published many websites.

Lola T70 History – Photos -Records – Please contribute!

I will need help with this web site. I need facts, data and photos of these cars. The immediate need is for race results for each chassis. Please contribute any information that relates to each Lola T70 car/chassis. This web site is here for the enjoyment of every one who is interested in the Lola T70 at any level, from just a passing interest to an owner of a real Lola T70.


Why do I copy descriptions photos and data from around the internet and use them on this site?

I am not able to travel around, take enough photos and personally gather the needed information for this web site, so I have determined that curating this information from other sources is what I am going to do.

If any one finds a copy of something from their website and objects, I will remove the offending info, or photo all you need to do is ask.

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